For years I have helped people like you or businesses like yours, to face the disruptive and fast future in which you live. Allowing you to discover the real reason why you, your profession or your company are in this world

Antonio Ramírez

Business Philosopher

Dear Futturnauta, 

Do you feel that life / society is faster than you ?, Are professional and / or personal problems flooding you ?, Is the Future uncertain for you ?, Are you afraid of the Future ?, Do you feel lost in this Global, fast and disruptive world?, Have you thought more than once that you are not here for this society ?, and yet you are of those who think that you are the only one that can create and carry out your own Future?

If so, this means that you are a Futturnauta. That is, a human being who feels a certain helplessness in today’s human society, who needs the support of third parties in order to carry on with his life, who needs to know how technology, human values, knowledge and humanism can help create your own future.

The only thing that differentiates you from me is that all these questions and phases of professional and personal and / or business life in which you are immersed, I have lived and I continue to live for myself and through my clients and “journey” fellows in this world. For this reason, and because of the training I have been able to run as Business Philosopher for many people and companies, helping them overcome their professional and / or personal and business problems.

We are in a world where the economy is changing, knowledge grows exponentially, innovation and entrepreneurship have been integrated into the DNA of society and relationships between humans are changing. The feeling of bewilderment, of loss of course, of being overcome by the Future turns on more and more hearts, sowing the consciousness of loneliness and unhappiness and enhancing false happiness and superfluity, above what we really want and are.

This makes it more necessary than ever to educate, facilitate, reason and make human minds think so that they can adapt to this human, social and personal evolution.

Knowing how to combine Technology, Knowledge, Values and Humanism in a business and / or personal environment allows continuous improvement as a person, as a professional and / or company.

Likewise, knowing how to combine these four items on a personal level will allow us to be much more prepared for the future. Because thanks to it and the application of the IKIGAI Philosophy, each person can find their “true reason for being“, the reason for their existence and that which fills their life, being able to find the way to be happy in life and be able To adapt and / or create their own future. If I had to choose, a single definition for a Business Philosopher, I would have the ability and the continuing effort to broaden the minds of those who choose to work with it.

Because a Business Philosopher knows very well that only when one abandons the rigidity of 21st century thinking and expands his mind to everything and everyone, he does not self-limit or self-impose criteria, then the mind expands, Thanks to human creativity, which together with the power of explosive knowledge and technology, discover new answers, new ideas, new economic or personal “oceans”.

After all, my job is not to teach you what to think, but to expand your mind so that you think of as many dimensions as possible and in that way you can face your future.

If you have created questions, the word IKIGAI, let me tell you that it is a philosophy of life in itself. That implies from psychological subjects, to physical ones, passing through the feeding, or the exercise, to mention some. But the essence of IKIGAI, which is the one I apply in all my works, lies in finding the real reason why you are as a person or as a professional or a company in this life.

Finding that reason and working every day of your life to reach and exceed excellence, will give you the happiness you seek and that will make you feel full and happy in your life. What some people call “filling the hollow of the soul”.

So as Business Philosopher I can offer you time, reflections, knowledge, information, questions, and internal analysis of your personal and / or professional self or your company, always starting from the pillars of future human society (Technology, Knowledge, Values And Humanism).

… and you know I am here, to contribute you, knowledge, information and reflections with my questions and words. But it is you who should use all this to design, create and live your own Future.

I wish you a happy and prosperous day.

Antonio Ramírez

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